I am thankful to my editor, Stuart Overlin, and my layout artist and editor in Colombia, Cristina Lopez and Jose Antonio Carbonell. With their professional help, I was able to publish a book free from large errors or omissions. The small errors below are mine and mine alone:



P. 217, bottom of page: "in the 1986 in the book" should read, "in the 1986 book..."

P. 231, very bottom of page: "the 150-carat . Coscuez emerald"

should read, "the 150-carat Coscuez emerald..."

P. 234. Image: "the last great emperor of the Mughal dynasty, Aurangzeb." The image is actually one of Bahadur Shah, the last of the Mughal emperors, ruling (1806 to 1837) during the rapid rise of British East India Company's control of India.


                P. 105, Fig. 6 - The Chelsea Filter: "If the stone looks pink or red, it is an emerald." Actually, Zambian emeralds commonly show green under the Chelsea Filter.
P. 234; Here you are sent to page 44 (in the 2nd paragraph) to see an example of a carved emerald that may be a "Chibcha stone." It should have sent you to P. 48. Page 23: The caption for the image on the left hand side of the page describes the image as Turkish; it is really Persian. The writing on the image is Farsi. On the same page, the French word "emerande" should be emeraude.
P. 91, Refractive Indices Table: This table was assembled by averaging R.I.'s from different sources. Ural Emerald should be 1.579-1.585 and Jade should be 1.660-1.68. Quartz was transcribed wrong and should be 1.544-1.553.



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P. 346: The top trapiche photo was incorrectly attributed; the photographer was Robert Weldon. Page 209: Not really an error, but the wonderful JewelFolio mentioned on that page is no longer available at AGTA. It is now available at AGL Laboratory, New York.
Back cover: The title of John Sinkankas' book is Emerald and Other Beryls with the word Emerald singular, not plural. << BACK >>