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New Museum in Bogotá, Colombia displays a world-class collection of emeralds and emerald mining memorabalia. Information here:


As part of the Foundation created by emerald exporter Alberto Sepulveda and run by Monica Sepulveda, this museum is part of the must-see visits you will have when you are in Bogotá.

Part of the uniqueness of this museum is that the entrance consists of accurate re-creations of actual emerald veins from Chivor, Gachala, and Muzo mines. As you approach, there is darkness and when you get close to the tunnel wall, there is just enough light to appreciate the details. This is very educational and interesting and a bi-lingual guide is always nearby to offer more information.

Alberto Sepulveda was a pioneer emerald trader, travelling the world with emeralds when most other Colombians were barely leaving Boyacá. His booth at the International Gem Show in Tucson was one of the first and longest lasting. Some of you may remember his emeralds at the bottom of the stairs in what was the Marriot Hotel in Tucson starting in 1978. Sepulveda was the man who showed me my first rough emerald crystals and made a mutual friendship and respect that continues to this day.