Meet the Dominguez Sisters. Their mother, Fabiola, didn't know what to do when Liliana graduated from High School. Fabiola had no money to send her to college so she sent all three sisters to the Teatro Taller de Colombia which was a few blocks from her house. There, they took training in acrobatrics and stiltwalking. Now, all three sisters get jobs stiltwalking for celebrations and promotions, bringing home spending money and more! Liliana has taken the opportunity and turned it into a career - developing an entire history and personality into her clown personage. Liliana is now 20 and travels with the workshop group, earning her way for the most part. She will soon participate in a function in Mexico. Lilliana and Elena just finished an 8-hour stilt dancing job in the fashionable north of Bogota, tired but happy and, for Bogota, well paid. The Dominguez Sisters are a good example of the opportunities opened to them by the existance of the Teatro Taller De Colombia.

Above left, Alejandra Dominguez, nine years old; middle, Lilliana Dominguez, 18 years old; right, Elena Dominguez, 14 years old. Here they are performing in the Plaza Bolivar of downtown Bogota for the 460th birthday of Bogota. The younger sisters are on one-meter high stilts and Lilliana is on two-meter high stilts! They are between the Justice Building and the Cathedral, with the Church of Montserrate visible in the background.

The Tearto Taller's director is Mario Alvarez. He stresses physical conditioning as the basis for any training in Theater arts. Write to: Cra. 3 #10-80, Bogotá, Colombia.

Douglas Mays of Morgan Hill, California has been generous with his time and energy for supporting the Teatro Taller. Please make donations to him PO Box 781, Morgan Hill CA 95038 USA

or to Ron Ringsrud Box 128, Saratoga CA 95071 USA