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Here are few images from past trips to Colombia's capitol city, Bogotá and the fabulous emerald mines.

The above image, taken from a helicopter by photographer Robert Weldon, shows the Fura Tena peaks in the Rio Minero (Mining River) valley. The river runs between the two peaks.

Colombians, in general, are quite proud of their culture and their fabulous geography and are eager to share this with the (few) visitors that come to their country. In fact, it was precisely the same Colombian hospitality and openness that made the 1998 World Emerald Congress so memorable. Bill Boyajin (President of the G.I.A.), a man who has been wined and dined all over the world, came up to me after his Colombia visit and I asked him how Colombia fared in comparison to other events he witnessed in the rest of the world. His reply was that Colombia and Brazil had the most warmth and hospitality of any country he visited!


Image of our house in Bogota. The front patio is covered with glass; the back patio is open to the sky.

The house has three bathrooms and about 16 other rooms, not counting the patios or kitchen.

Weather and Comfort

Bogotá is 9000 feet above sea level. The nights are cold! Even though you are on the equator, you can dress in sweaters or formal business attire and never feel uncomfortable.

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