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    An introduction to the world of colored stones          through the example of emerald. "Outstanding for its many interesting personal anecdotes..." Gems & Gemology
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Read the Praise from Gem Industry Leaders:

“This book is a true adventure, a work of imagination and creativity, and in that respect it is much like Richard Hughes’ classic work, Ruby & Sapphire. It is also a complement to John Sinkankas’ Emeralds and Other Beryls, and importantly, a book that is fun to read.”

— From the foreword by John Koivula, Chief Gemologist, GIA and co-author
of the Photoatlas of Inclusions
in Gemstones

“Ron masterfully conveys his intimate knowledge of the gem trade through his passion for emeralds, in all their aspects.”

Edward Boehm, gemologist
and connoisseur

“In this fascinating book, Ron Ringsrud details the history, gemology and allure of this most precious of stones.”

Richard Hughes, author of
Ruby & Sapphire


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Read about the people, the miners, the personalities and adventurers – each caught in the allure of this exotic green stone! Rather than a mere introduction to emeralds, this book is a grand introduction to the royal view that a connoisseur takes on the subjects of color, gem appreciation and rarity.

There is information here for a gemologist to rise to the level of connoisseurship in emeralds.  But beginners will find this book an expansive and informative read – one that celebrates as well as explains  The final chapters carry the mind and heart to territory that is both thought-provoking and passionate – unusual for a gemological book, but timely and fitting.


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Exerpts from Ch. 1 and 21

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